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Four reasons
to go to Cyprus in autumn and winter
To take off your coat and put on your swimsuit
When people freeze in Europe, Cypriots don't have to look for their warm clothes. You can spend all day in the sun and swim in the warm waters of the Meditteranean. The water temperature is +24° C until mid-November.
Cyprus nature is at its best
The island's colours are changing as mild winter sets in. Orchids and lemon trees begin to bloom with their fresh smell. Sunny meadows are covered by lavender and tulips, and mountain slopes are turning green. In winter you can enjoy mountains and picturesque valleys.
То relax on the best beaches in peace
White powder sand, blue warm water and tranquility, this is Cyprus without tourists. The most beautiful beaches at your disposal. You can sunbathe until the end of October, with an average temperature of +28° C!
For your piece of mind
Cyprus nature has the capacity to heal and appease in autumn and winter period. People can do the same at the SPA-centres with tonic hot stone therapy, seaweed wraps, relaxing shiatsu massage which will increase your strength and balance.
Flights Schedule
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Travel Period: 22th October 2018 until 29th March 2019
Blackout Period: 21st December 2018 – 25th February 2019

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Cyprus cuisine
A few words about the autumn-winter menu to remember: halloumi, tzatziki, cyprus coffee, strawberry, Maratheftiko (red wine), Commandaria and Xinistery (white wine), fish meze, meat meze.
Cyprus meze always comes in BIG portions!
Some ideas what to do in Cyprus
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Go to the mountains on foot and explore a different island view.
Go to the mountains on foot and the view will be fascinating. You will enjoy the beauty and breathe the beautiful smell of the forest. Follow the wine routes and visit amazing vineyards, with colorful villages lying on the mountain slopes. Pines, olives and almond trees are blooming on the hills and are creating stunning landscapes. Don't forget to take your camera, because you have never seen Cyprus like that before.
See wild pink flamingo.
They visit Cyprus during winter as they are migratory birds and can be found on the Salt Lakes. You may spot them even from the airplane window - as one of the salt lakes is located next to Larnaca airport. Come here to see that spiritual beauty at sunset – Salt Lake looks gorgeous at that time.
Trying to meditate in Cedar Valley
Come here in the morning, when the sun is rising. Feel the pine-tree smell and the 100 year old cedar trunks ! Admire the powerful nature and free your mind. This place is for harmony and meditation. If you want to spend the day here with your friends, take your breakfast, your blanket and lay among the trees, to watch the movement of the sun through the density of the forest.
Have a dinner with nice people
The sea, the mountains and the clear air boost your appetite for food! In Cyprus no one should eat alone.
Climb Cape Greco
Ideal for adventurers and for all nature lovers. You can spend the best part of the day enjoying its wild and rugged beauty. Explore its mysterious caverns, take pictures or watch the sunrise with your partner. It's so stunning here!
Visit Omodos wine villages
The native villagers are well known for their enthusiastic friendliness and warm hospitality. In Omodos you can explore the medieval winepress, a wine-making device dating back 500 years, and the Monastery of the Holy Cross, one of the oldest and most historically significant religious sites on the entire island.
Go to the best beach in Cyprus
Enjoy the crystal waters with nobody around you at the famous beaches of:

- Makronissos Beach
- NISSI Beach
- Konnos Bay
- Fig Tree Bay
- Baths of Aphrodite
Sport and Activites
As a Mediterranean island with a varied terrain, Cyprus offers you the chance to enjoy exciting holidays that involve numerous activities
Let two wheels and pedaling get you to new places and enjoy the fascinating scenery
Jeep safari
Choose to explore the amazing area of Troodos, Akamas and many others by taking safari excursions either with a four wheel drive jeep or a Quad safari bike.
Explore the local terrain of Cyprus while climbing. This challenging sport until recently had remained one of Cyprus' best kept secrets.
Autumn and spring are perhaps the ideal seasons for hiking along the numerous trails that lead you off the beaten track.
Diving is one of the best things to do in Cyprus, and one of the best places to dive in Cyprus is the Zenobia wreck, which is one of the best recreational wrecks in the world.
If you want to enjoy a game of golf all year round in picturesque scenery and the island's ideal Mediterranean climate, Cyprus is the perfect choice , according to many golfing enthusiasts.
The weather conditions, the unpolluted sea and the interesting coastline make Cyprus an ideal place for yachting.
Clay pigeon shooting is the art of shooting at special flying targets and is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide.
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